Keep Your Criminal Record Clean

Clear your name with help from a criminal attorney in Lampasas & Gatesville, TX

Have you been arrested for a crime? Protect your rights by working with a criminal attorney in Lampasas & Gatesville, TX now serving all surrounding areas. Harrell, Morris & Stermer PLLC provides comprehensive and honest legal representation for all our clients. If you're being charged with a DUI, an attorney will walk you through building your defense, reinstating your license and getting the best possible result in court.

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Let us help with your criminal case

Let us help with your criminal case

Harrell, Morris & Stermer works tirelessly to defend our clients. Whether you're facing high fines or jail time, we will fight for your rights. You should contact a criminal attorney if you've been arrested for:

  • All Drug Charges
  • DWI/DUI charge
  • Intoxicated Offenses
  • Sex Crimes
  • Murder/All Violent Crimes
  • Assault / Domestic Violence
  • Burglary
  • Weapons possession
  • Any Texas Law Offense
  • Are you being charged with a criminal offense? An attorney at Harrell, Morris & Stermer can help. Make an appointment at our firm in Lampasas & Gatesville, TX today by calling 512-556-3639.